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Monthly Archives: March 2018

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

There’s necessary discussion about the representation of women in Hollywood (and everywhere) right now, especially with the emergence of women actually having a say in how their stories are written. Shocking, I know. Female empowerment and recognition is important. These are two things I’m incredibly

Quince Essential is required dining

COFFEE HOUSE MAKES NAME FOR ITSELF IN DENVER In the middle of a row of rather usual looking houses on Quince St., one stands out from the rest—not because it is designed differently or is nicer than the others, but because of the crowd it

Pencil Shavings

When I was a senior in high school, my brother Adam introduced me to The Sentry (which was then called The Advocate). He was managing editor at the time and invited me to a pitch meeting. I went with him and it was both intimidating

Westword’s 23rd Artopia dazzles

Celebration of Colorado culture Artopia isn’t just an art show: it’s an art immersion experience. The event was appropriately held on Feb. 23, as it was the event’s  23rd anniversary. It’s Westword’s biggest event of the year and took place at the Church Nightclub on