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Students | Crying During Midterms | Album Review

Label: CU Denver Live
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Libraries, common rooms, or anywhere where a bench can be occupied, are full of students cramming in last minute study sessions. The halls reek of anxiety, stress, and despair. The anticipation of summer break is right around the corner and yet, a person might expect more from the quartet, Students and their album, Crying During Midterms.

Compared to last year’s album, I Go Where The Free Food Is, this year’s is okay. Honestly, they’re not trying hard enough. It’s easy to imagine that those tears would be coming down faster, but all audiences hear is a small whimper. And it’s not obnoxious enough. Students should be trying to win a Grammy, but at best they’ll get an honorable mention.

Students sound like they are under the pressures of midterms, but it’s just not translating to audiences well. You hear sniffles here and there, but it’s not breathy enough. Midterms suck, everyone gets that, but at least let audiences hear that excruciating, overwhelmingly soul-crushing pain. Audiences should hear head bangs against the desk, hair ripping—it’s all in the theatrics.

What can be said about Students is that they have refined their feelings of impending suffering. Listeners can even hear a scream of frustration once in a while. But it’s especially believable when they say, “I really want to die /I hate my life / I’m so ready for midterms to be over”. A particular highlight of this album is the bonus track “Sleeping In Places That Shouldn’t Be Slept In.”

Crying At Midterms wasn’t anything new or special, but Students have shown audiences they’ve refined their sound.

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