The Simpsons predict everything—ever


The Simpsons is the past, the present, and the future all combined into one compact, thirty-minute segment of primetime video. In fact, The Simpsons is the only show truly worth watching, ever! The show has predicted enormous events such as the 9/11 attacks and Donald Trump’s presidency. The Simpsons airs on Fox entertainment outlet owned by News Corporation, the insidious controllers of virtually every TV network, newspaper, and magazine in the world.  That is, until it wasn’t, but The Simpsons predicted that too.

In an episode titled, “When You Dish Upon A Star,” that aired in November of 1998, director Ron Howard goes to Fox Studios to pitch an idea where a sign can be seen that says, “20th Century Fox” in big letters and under it is stated in smaller letters, “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” Not ironically,  last December 82% of the Fox Empire was sold—placing the offspring of Goebbel-inspired media flat on the shoulders of the equally insidious Walt Disney dynasty. That’s just the beginning of this prophetic animation.

An episode titled “Lisa’s Wedding,” set in the future, features a poster on her fiance’s wall that states, “Rolling Stones Wheelchair Tour 2016.” Astonishingly enough, the Stones were still touring that year, and by most accounts from the 1990s, this was a preposterous proposition.

In another episode from 2000, The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton 16 years later. In the episode, titled “Bart to the Future,” Lisa is elected as the first female president in 2030 wherein she states, “we have inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.” 

It doesn’t stop there. The Simpsons also predicted the ebola outbreak, Prince’s death, Greece’s financial collapse, the Syrian uprising, South American FIFA corruption, the death of Harambe the gorilla, and many more.

So how do they do it? The secret to their crystal ball predictions can actually be found in an episode titled “Homer the Great.”  Homer joins a secret society that claims to control everything that happens—ever.  Here, we can plainly infer the creators are simply a part of the secret and infamous Illuminati society.  Ditch the news and the economic forecasters; simply watch The Simpsons rest assured that they will definitely predict everything, ever, all the time.


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