John Cage | 4’33 | Single Review

Label: Cage Against The Machine
Photo courtesy of The Piano SG

Charting the 2010 UK Singles Chart at number 21, John Cage’s “4’33” is a timeless classic for all music fans. This song appeals to every and all music enthusiasts across genres, and even appeals to people who hate music. The song is performed with no instruments, as it’s a tortuous and seemingly endless expanse of deafening silence. Beginning with the musicians on stage, their instruments in their laps, the song captures the haunting beauty of an audience member’s coughing and the squeaking of chairs as the listener squirms in the uncomfortable silence. This song has been covered by a variety of musicians and non-musicians alike. In fact, most people have heard this song without even realizing it. “4’33” can be heard while walking down an empty hall, in a cornfield, or even an abandoned warehouse. The reverberating silence grows to an explosive climax that will surely bring a euphoric wave of pleasure to any listener.

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