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Jerry Martin | Sims Soundtrack | Album Review

Label: Maxis
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The epitome of musical achievement can be found in the Sims’ soundtrack, The Modus Aedificare Gloria, which roughly translates to “Build Mode Concerto.” It goes without saying that “Build Mode 1”  has a strong air of digital motivation to the extent that the listener is hit with a burst of pixelated inspiration. That could use this burst to build an entire house for their cyber family with their bare hands—which is somehow possible.

       In “Build Mode 2” and “Build Mode 3,” the aforementioned inspiration takes a reflective state that leaves the listener contemplating if killing this Sim family just to create a wide array of ghosts in varying colors is, in fact, wrong. Regardless of where the listener ends up in this mental and ethical journey while in “Build Mode 4” and “Build Mode 5,” the ears are renewed with woodwind peppered piano vitality in the “Buy Mode” sextet.

         The album caresses the ear with each flute in “Buy Mode 1” forming an “Aria di sorbetto” or “sorbet air.” The sweet air streaming through the listener’s speakers brings forth yet another burst of bourgeoise aspiration to furnish this computerized house to the brim with a personal arcade and witchcraft work stations, while trying to find where the creators hid that damned clown painting. “Buy Mode 3” evokes the desire  to continue using the cheat ‘Motherload’ for a shopping  spree on the  Sims’ cyber animals—of which the listener’s Sim family has every single one available, even the dragon, who has burned down the family’s abode numerous occasions—playfully instills terrible spending behaviors as a financially independent adult in “Buy Mode 4.”

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