Denver’s Blue Bear is just cold

He’s blue because he’s feeling blue
Photo by Madison Daley

PETA’s newest posters, hung all around Denver have a photo of a dog chained outside in the cold with the words “Cold—a person who would chain a dog outside. Let dogs inside.” These posters have been reminding people how dangerous the chilly weather can be for animals.

A large animal who has been an iconic symbol for Denver since 2005 has not even been thought of during the low temperatures. Seriously, does no one care about the blue bear outside the convention center? How come no one has considered that maybe he’s looking in because he just wants to come inside?

Denverites and tourists only pay attention to him when they need to advertise the convention center or usehim as the backdrop of a selfie.

The blue bear was commissioned from visual artist, Lawrence Argent, and cost the city $425,000. Having paid so much, it’s baffling that no one has once considered the well-being of the bear enough to shelter it from the rough Colorado winter.

If leaving dogs outside to freeze is looked down upon, then not considering the discomfort of the blue bear is truly a crime against humanity.

“At first, I started seeing those PETA posters all over Denver and started taking in other animals in—not just my dog, but others’ too,” a student said. The student wanted to remain anonymous because some people might want their dogs back. “I started taking in dogs that were being walked through my neighborhood and cats that were on the prowl at night. I’m just really dedicated to keeping animals inside, all the time. The winter is too cold and the summers have become too warm. I walk past the blue bear every day when I come home from school. I cry—and my tears freeze because it’s that cold—and because the bear is too big for me to take into my apartment.”

Students have come together in protest of the inhumane treatment of the blue bear and have organized a march through Denver to share their discontent regarding the bear’s neglect.

The date for the “March for the Blue Bear,” is undetermined, as students are waiting until the weather is  warmer.

“We stand with the blue bear,” a random person said on 16th Street Mall. They would not disclose where or not they were a CU Denver student. “It’s just too cold for us to march right now. But someone needs to bring the blue bear inside. It’s just not right.”

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