Blue Ivy replaces Jay-Z on Beyonce Tour

Six-year-old to headline tour

Tickets for Beyoncé’s collaborative tour “On the Run II” with her husband and rapper Jay-Z went on sale earlier this month. While Beyonce fans—known as the Beyhive—flocked to the internet to purchase tickets to see the duo perform, Beyoncé’s beloved six-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, was busy thinking about her next public appearance.

Beyoncé is known for announcing major news with no marketing whatsoever. It’s not surprising that Blue Ivy would follow in her mother’s footsteps. The Sentry has exclusive information regarding Beyonce and Blue Ivy’s upcoming tour.

Despite Beyoncé exposing her husband’s infidelity on her most recent and iconic album, LEMONADE, and subsequently sharing how she decided to forgive him, it has been announced through Blue Ivy’s official Instagram page that she will be replacing her father in the upcoming tour. Not only will Blue be replacing Jay-Z, but Beyonce’s managers have decided that she will now be headlining the tour.

The news came only a week after tickets for the OTRII tickets went on sale. Fans everywhere were heard releasing a collective sigh of relief—as they were never excited to see Jay-Z—and were primarily purchasing tickets to see the spawn of Queen Bey herself.

Blue first stole the hearts of the public after appearing on the last track of Beyoncé’s self-titled album, aptly titled “Blue.” Fans everywhere knew the six-year-old would be a prodigy and legend, being the daughter of two of the most famous artists in the entertainment industry.

“Yes,” Blue Ivy said in response to whether or not she was excited to be touring for the first time with her mom. She was not available for further comment.

The set-list has yet to be announced for the tour, but will feature an hour-long audio loop of “Blue” with no live performance. 

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