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Daily Archives: March 14, 2018

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Will Five Points become the next 5Pointz?

Artwork destroyed by housing developers Graffiti artists in New York were awarded 6.75 million dollars in damages for the destruction of 45 works of art. Graffiti artists covered the exterior of several buildings owned by Gerald Wolkoff with colorful graffiti art. In 2013, Wolkoff announced

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Being the broody kid always working on a ceramics project alone in high school, I blocked off any connection with anyone who wasn’t family. I didn’t want to get judged or treated differently once they really knew me. I even kept my family at arm’s

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Violent threats overwhelm Jefferson County

In response, Auraria Campus Police ensure safety The effects of Parkland, Fla. have slipped into the school experience in Jefferson County. Numerous threats have been sent to local high schools, leaving families fearing for their students’ safety. On Feb. 20, a student at Bear Creek

The demographics of squirrels

There are approximately 1.2 billion squirrels in the United States, a number that puts the squirrel-to-human ratio at about 1:4. These numbers likely don’t surprise anyone who’s tried to enjoy a meal in 9th Street Park—a space where squirrels handily assert their dominance with both

Stranger Than Fiction

Stress seems to be the foundational component of being a college student today. I feel like all I hear is I’m drowning or you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to take 15 credits and work 30 hour weeks. I guess these people are sort of

Blood Tangent | Column

“Do you still have your blink-182 shirt?” I text my older sister while simultaneously looking for their early 2000s merch,  listening to the blink-182 playlist on Youtube, and skipping all the sad songs because I’m not trying to cry tonight. Enema Of The State was

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The appeal of turning up the volume

Why loud music sounds so much better Parents have always told their children to keep the music down to avoid damaging their ears. While this is good advice for anyone, louder sounds have been proven to stimulate the senses in ways that its softer counterpart

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The Mile High’s Do303 launch party

New company curates top events Summit Music Hall hosted a night brimming with free food, live music, and some of the best businesses Denver and Boulder have to offer. Tables lined the walls of the music hall with people proudly representing their restaurants, boutiques, cannabis

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Music: for entertainment and therapy

Music is mentally and physically healing When people listen to music, it’s likely that they aren’t listening to music to have a healing experience; however music has been found to be effective for many different types of patients. According to the Music Therapy Association of