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The Neighborhood | Void | Album Review

Record Label: Columbia Records
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Photo courtesy of: Genius

On March 9, The Neighborhood released their fourth studio album, Void, following their previous album Wiped Out! from 2015. The album is a mix between 80s nostalgia and The Neighborhood’s signature sound. Void is a musical roller coaster and their most experimental album to date. 

“Scary Love” possesses everything audiences would expect from a classic 80s track but with a 21st century twist. Autotuned vocals, a synthetic pop beat, and warped pulses from an electric guitar, lead singer Jesse Rutherford taps into his eclectic music inspirations with this track. 

However, it’s songs like “Revenge” that revert to The Neighborhood’s original style. With Rutherford’s sultry vocals accompanied by an upbeat, steady pace of the drum beat, fans of the band will remember why they fell in love with The Neighborhood in the first place. What stands out in this song is the personal honesty of the lyrics as Rutherford sings, “But now I want some revenge / Coming for your heart / Every beat, when you sleep / In your dreams, when you eat / In your feelings.”

“Blue” is nothing but pure bliss with velvet-like guitar notes. Low vocals, ethereal harmonies, and mesmerizing echoes from the electric guitar trademark this song. But the highlight of this album is “Flowers,” which sounds like it will be a fan and festival favorite. Paired perfectly with light and airy synthesizers, Rutherford displays high octaves throughout this track making for a chipper and cheerful melody.

Void is poetic, wistful, energetic, and nostalgic. The Neighborhood knocks it out of the park with this album and shows their audiences how much they have refined their sound.

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