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Father John Misty | Mr. Tillman | Single Review

Record Label: Sub-Pop Records

Photo courtesy of: Stereogum

“Mr. Tillman,” released Feb. 20, is a new single from Father John Misty. His real name is Joshua Michael Tillman, which seems to be where his new single stems from—himself. The song starts off with the sound of what seems like several voices wailing and yelling. After the chorus begins, Tillman jumps in to sing with the slow beat. His voice, along with the instrument selection, create a narrative experience for the listener. This same beat and tone to the song continue throughout the whole track, which can become slightly monotonous. Despite this repetitiveness, the song is another strong addition to Tillman’s tracklist. This track carries a deeper meaning, as Mr. Tillman seems to describe himself as a character. It gives the song purpose and makes it especially significant for die-hard followers.

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