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Screaming Females | All At Once | Album Review

Photo courtesy of: Pitchfork

Record Label: Don Giovanni Records
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

On Feb. 23, New Jersey band Screaming Females released their most expansive and imaginative work to date. Their newest album, All At Once, is an experimental, melodic, and energetic record that reveals their newly developed and unique sound.

The album kicks off with “Glass House,” an electric and attention-grabbing track that puts listeners on a musical roller coaster.  The composition of this track is cleverly dynamic. Audiences might think this song would be a hard rock song, from the build-up of the bass guitar to the shouted chorus accompanied by a medley of electric guitar riffs, but once it switches to a steady drum beat and low vocals, it transforms into a powerful anthem by lead singer Marissa Paternoster. The powerhouse track emits a tone that is a sci-fi take on punk, complete with electronic synths and off-beat synthetic pulses.

“I’ll Make You Sorry,” harbors a more pop-punk ethos with an engaging hook as Paternoster sings, “I once was in love with you before.” With guitars that chime and chop against each other, this song is waiting to be accompanied by enthusiastic hand claps. Unlike the other songs on this album, “My Body” offers a darker glimpse into today’s reality. The song is an upbeat track that talks about the fear of being defined by other people, as Paternoster sings, “While you draw me in disguise / And paint me paralyzed, it’s true / When they come to find me / Then please burn my body.”

Paternoster is the true star of the show in this album with vocals that possess towering strength. All at Once is Screaming Females’ strongest album to date, and like a gift handled with care, this album is nothing short of rock-poetry.

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