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When I was a senior in high school, my brother Adam introduced me to The Sentry (which was then called The Advocate). He was managing editor at the time and invited me to a pitch meeting. I went with him and it was both intimidating and exhilarating. I watched college students throw around ideas and create the beginnings of that week’s newspaper; and I wanted to be a part of it.

After the meeting, Adam told me that the newspaper would be looking for a copy editor for the following school year (which would be my first year of college) and that I should consider applying. So as a fresh high school graduate, I came to the office and interviewed for the position. Madi Bates, the editor-in-chief at the time, hired me. Again, I felt that same feeling of intimidation and exhilaration.

I soon found out there was no need to be intimidated; I loved being part of such a collaborative and creative team. I remained copy editor for two years before applying for managing editor. And when Taylor hired me for that job, I again felt excited and scared. But being managing editor has turned out to be more wonderful and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined, which is why I’m so thrilled (and nervous) to become next year’s editor-in-chief.

But, as I’ve learned through my years at The Sentry, there is no need to be nervous. Even though working at The Sentry can be hard work, it is always worth it. Even when things do go wrong (and they do sometimes), there is a supportive and hard-working team ready to fix it.

I’m sad that the majority of The Sentry’s editorial staff won’t be here next year, and I’m nervous not knowing what’s to come. But as years at The Sentry have taught me, everything will work out; and I am so excited to start working with a new team that will lead The Sentry in another successful year.

And if you’re interested in being a part of that team, I highly encourage you to apply.

Tessa Blair
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