More Olympic wardrobe highlights

An update on the coolest outfits of winter

The Olympics, outside of being an event of the world’s fiercest competitors, is also a showcase of some of the most creative wardrobes in competitive sports today.

Kana Muramoto, who is a figure skater representing Japan, dazzled during her performance in a bold and feathered, pink and orange dress. Mae Berenice Meite, a figure skater representing France, replaced the traditional delicate frills of figure skating dresses with a bold, sequined top and black pants, striking the ice in a modern and refreshing update.

Though 18-year-old Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva might have received more praise for her Sailor Moon-themed skating outfit from a 2017 competition in Japan, she rocked a beautiful red dress this year during a performance that earned her a silver medal. South Korea’s Choi Dabin wore a subtle and flowing mint green dress that wrapped around her body as she completed her rapid spins on the ice.

Karen Chen, an American figure skater, invoked swan-like imagery in her performance, from the song choice—which featured swan and other bird calls—to the white gloves that wrapped her arms, giving off the impression that feathers had sprouted out of her body just for this performance. The routine stood out in particular because of the calm and peaceful song choice, and the choreography reflected this in having Chen opt for long, gliding moves as opposed to flashy tricks. In fact, Chen’s performance was so beautiful that it brought this reporter, who does not understand a single aspect of figure skating, to tears.

However, other sports outside of figure skating saw impressive wardrobes as well. Mexico may have only had two competing athletes in the Olympic games this year, but their ski suits struck the fear of death in many of their fellow competitors. The athletes’ suits, all black, were decorated with ominous Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skulls adorned with brightly-colored roses and gemstones.

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