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Photo Credit: Bobby Jones

Photo Credit: Bobby Jones

There’s necessary discussion about the representation of women in Hollywood (and everywhere) right now, especially with the emergence of women actually having a say in how their stories are written. Shocking, I know. Female empowerment and recognition is important. These are two things I’m incredibly passionate about.

The emerging narrative for the misrepresented woman in film was amplified at the Oscars this past weekend. The event was—in the best way—drowning with women. There was a diverse cast of female presenters that helped execute the event’s 90th anniversary.

But even then, I saw little to no representation for Asian women. Kelly Marie Tran from the Star Wars franchise was the only Asian woman to have even walked across the Oscars’ stage. This nearly obsolete representation gives me no room to think that my heritage should be celebrated, and when Tran presented, it felt more like a check mark on a to-do list titled “Things to do to avoid another #OscarsSoWhite Scandal.”

More often than not, I find myself wondering where all the Asians are. There’s increasing representation for black and white women on screen. They get to see a lot of accurate representations of themselves, which lends them to believe that they are not alone. The miniscule representation of Asian women on screen makes me feel numbingly alone at times. Even when there is representation, it’s—more often than not—very stereotypical.

The demand for the Inclusion Rider—a requirement for 50 percent representation in a production’s cast and crew—that Frances McDormand proclaimed at the end of her Best Actress acceptance speech is one that I hope Hollywood takes more seriously. And not just for white women. Proper representation doesn’t stop when a single box is checked.

It’s the continuous acknowledgment of a diverse world and the creation of media that reflects that.

I hope that Kelly Marie Tran isn’t the only Asian woman I see at next year’s Oscars. And most of all, I hope that upcoming films and TV shows will recognize the impact that inclusivity has on even one person.

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