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Kendrick Lamar | Black Panther Original Soundtrack | Album Review

Photo courtesy of: iTunes

Record Label: Marvel Studios
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Kendrick Lamar is one of the fastest-growing artists of this generation. Black Panther, an album he produced, was used as the soundtrack for the highly anticipated Black Panther movie. Kendrick Lamar absolutely smashes expectations.

Lamar is an interesting artist who has many different voices—literally. From a high-pitched squeal to a syrupy drawl, he’s a man of many identities. This album has been seen as revolutionary to the music industry, as the movie it accompanies holds powerful political implications. Lamar is a lyrical genius and those words come with deeper meanings.

Lamar uses this album as a chance to showcase some lesser-known artists, such as Swae Lee, Yugen Blakrok, SOB X RBE, James Blake, Jay Rock, and many others. It’s always refreshing to see these lesser-known musicians involved with more established ones such as Lamar.

There’s a lot to explore in this album and there are a few songs that stick out. “Paramedic” starts off deep and melodic,  slowly rising to a captivating rhythm. The lyrical portion of “King’s Dead” is blissful, matching the rapid beat that fills the ears of anyone that appreciates rap or hip hop with pleasure. “Redemption Interlude” is interesting due to its abruptness. It is a emotional song and takes a turn from the rest of the album. Zacari’s voice melts the heart of the listener, filling one’s ears with a gentle, euphoric voice.

All the artists that Lamar has collaborated with bring their own unique taste to this album and make Black Panther a necessity in a music lover’s collection.

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