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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Photo credit: Kalob McConnell • CU Denver Sentry

Opioids are the silent killer at universities

Ways to stop the opioid epidemic The opioid epidemic is the leading cause of accidental deaths across the United States. Whether it is being smuggled into the US or handed out like candy at clinics, opiates are becoming one of the worst drug crises in

Starbucks’ new podcast proves to be inspiring

UPSTANDERS SHEDS LIGHT ON OUTSTANDING ACTS Starbucks is branching out into entertainment media with its podcast series, Upstanders. Currently in its second season, the podcast focuses on ordinary people doing extraordinary things by creating change in their communities. Each episode ranges from 15 to 20

Stranger Than Fiction

  One of the most pressing student concerns on this campus has to do with safety. This isn’t safety in the way students at more traditional schools talk about their personal wellbeing. While conversations around alcohol abuse and sexual assault dominate the conversations of these

BØrns | Blue Madonna | Album Review

Label: Interscope Records Rating: Five out of Five stars On Jan. 12, Garrett BØrns released his sophomore album, Blue Madonna, following his critically acclaimed 2015 debut album, Dopamine. Following where Dopamine left off, BØrns continues to explore the allures of life through songs that talk

the Chainsmokers | Sick Boy | Single Review

Label: Disruptor Records It seems the Chainsmokers have a talent for dishing out carbon-copy songs that fail to leave a lasting impression on their audience. In their newly released single “Sick Boy,” the Chainsmokers do not show a single sign of development within their music.

New albums to anticipate for 2018

Records to keep an eye out for This year has already started off with ample album releases that have captured listeners’ ears. From the gritty hip hop and trap hooks in Migos’ Culture II to the soft vocals and earthy melodies of First Aid Kit’s