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Photo credit: Bobby Jones - The Sentry

Photo credit: Bobby Jones

Student organizations on campus are entering a period of transition. SGA is preparing itself for a new election cycle, clubs are finalizing nominations for next year’s officers, and the Sentry is actively hiring its 2018-19 editorial team. Even though I was hired as Editor in Chief last February, this moment snuck up on me. The ending seems to be arriving before I even realized I was in the middle of it all.

This feeling isn’t unique to my office. Last weekend, attendees at a CU Denver leadership retreat had the opportunity to discuss these upcoming transitions, and many student org officers shared their anxieties with the room. Some reflected on how poorly last year’s leadership transition was handled, and I got the feeling torches weren’t so much passed as they were dropped off the side of a cliff.

Others were more contemplative about the future; they worried about the longevity of their organizations, if the passion existed to sustain their operations in the long-term. Throughout the course of the day, I was inspired by how deeply invested these leaders were in their causes. I was also overwhelmed with gratitude—though the speed of the process is disarming for me personally, I have no reason to be worried about the Sentry itself.

Tessa Blair will become Editor-in-Chief of this publication next year, and I have every faith in her ability to lead the newsroom with intelligence, passion, and strength. She’s been detail-oriented when I’ve been blinded by the scope of the big picture; she’s been bold when I’ve been apprehensive; and she’s been the voice of reason I desperately needed too many times to count. She’s also a sharp, talented writer and an incredibly kind friend.

Tessa is now in the process of assembling next year’s leadership team, and I can’t recommend applying enough. This job has equipped me with the communication and technological skills I’d previously found inaccessible. Alongside reporters from The Denver Post, I’ve stood a yard away from supreme court justices, presidential candidates, and even my favorite musicians. Through all of these opportunities and more, I’ve developed lifelong friendships with my peers. Our alumni widely consider the Sentry to be one of the best jobs they’ve ever had, and I know I will soon share that opinion.

If you’re invested in the craft of storytelling, and if you’d like to be a leading voice in local conversations about news, entertainment, music, and art, send Tessa an application that includes a resume, cover letter, and at least three writing samples by March 19.

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