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Stranger Than Fiction

The political landscape in the United States seems to be moving toward a glum dystopia. Not glum in a Blade Runner sense where authoritarianism spills into all walks of life; on the contrary, our dystopia has become an evermore elitist convergence of people who are so far removed from the day-to-day lives of their constituency that the divide between elites and the everyday citizen is monumental.

Photo Credit: Bobby Jones

The way that societal elites are interacting is unprecedented in the entirety of American history. A reality star is president, the governor of California was an action star for years, and a TV star has recently announced that she wants to run for office. No, this article isn’t about the buzz in social media to see Oprah run for office. This is about Stacey Dash and her recent interest in running for Congress in the same district of California that includes neighborhoods such as Compton, Watts, San Pedro, and North Long Beach. This district has historically been a democratic stronghold meaning Dash has the opportunity to uproot established norms in the region.

What bothers me the most about these situations isn’t that there is the potential for a shift in control from one party to another. It’s that another celebrity that has exactly zero experience in effective governance is attempting to make a run for office. Dash has proven (with the exception of some appearances on Fox News) that she is entirely unprepared to handle the tasks associated with holding public office.

I just wish that diplomats or engineers or scientists or someone with some type of specialized knowledge can provide a perspective to public office beyond what celebrities are attempting to pursue. I am consistently infuriated with the passivity of the voting populace that allows for this sort of elitism to exist. Political elites and celebrities are becoming one and the same. Neither of them truly grasp what Americans need. Severe and unrelenting attention must be paid by voters this term.

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