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Daily Archives: February 28, 2018

Ought | Room Inside The World | Album Review

Record Label: Merge Records Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Released on Feb. 16, Room Inside the World is Ought’s third full-length album. Identified as a half-art-punk and half-post-punk band, this Canadian quartet’s album has a tranquil fusion of melancholy melodies and avant-garde lyrics. The

The Presets | 14U+14Me | Music Video Review

Record Label: Modular Records The computer-generated, glitched, and well-established visual identity of The Presets is renewed in an optically dense music video for “14U+14ME.” Abstract and undulating 3-D forms move in time with a mix-match of acute—and literal—displays of human emotion, while extreme fields of

PJ Harvey | An Acre Of Land | Single Review

Record Label: Cognitive Shift Records “An Acre of Land” was originally a spirited British folk song, but PJ Harvey took a whole new perspective on the song for the upcoming UK movie Dark River. The normally joyful tune is transformed into something desolate through the

Shakespeare’s hidden inspiration

Plagiarism software finds new source for plays Shakespeare is one the most famous and influential writers to have ever lived, and he remains one of the most commonly read writers worldwide. However, a recent discovery has maybe found the Bard to be less original than

Former Olympian dreams of MD degree

Loree Thornton Sets Her Sights on a New Challenge From throwing a hammer in Beijing in the 2008 Summer Olympics to studying in the classrooms at CU Anschutz to become a surgeon, former Olympian Loree Thornton is no stranger to pushing herself to her limits

Wakanda Forever | Ashley Kim

This is my first Marvel love letter. I don’t even know where to begin, Marvel. You did it. You showed everyone what accurate representation looks like and how much we need it. In 135 minutes, my entire existence was completely redefined. All I want to

Real news, biased coverage, big laughs

Improv comedy show satirizes politics Comedy is one of the most subjective forms of entertainment, and is made even more challenging when unscripted. Denver’s  Metropolis Bovine Theater is clearly up to the task with their new show, Fake Network News. Styled after cable news programs

American Mariachi highlights Latinx history

MUSICAL DAZZLES BUT FALLS SHORT IN WRITING The Women’s Liberation Movement made the 1970s a revolutionary time for women in the United States. Women fought their way out of the kitchens and into the streets to protest their unequal treatment. In the same decade, Hispanic