Olympic wardrobe highlights

The coolest outfits of winter

The end of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games calls for a moment to reflect on the most memorable wardrobes worn by athletes around the world.

Pita Taufatofua, the sole representative from Tonga for this year’s Olympics, beared the frigid cold of the opening ceremony oiled-up and shirtless. He later wore a ski suit emblazoned with orange patterns that were a homage to his heritage. The athletes representing Bermuda also drew admiration when they arrived for the opening ceremony in—wait for it—Bermuda shorts. 

Skeleton competitors impressed Olympic spectators as well with menacing helmets. As if the name “skeleton” affixed to an event that involves zooming down—face-down, head-first—on a narrow sled through a steep ice track didn’t sound intimidating enough, these competitors added another layer of competitive edge to the sport with their flashy helmets.

Gold Medalist skeleton rider from South Korea Yun Sung-Bin said he is obsessed with Iron Man, evident in his choice of helmet which closely resembled the Marvel character’s mask. Dave Greszczyszyn of Canada wore a helmet that featured a grizzly bear looking ready to attack—likely a play on a nickname inspired by his last name. Skeleton rider Akwasi Frimpong, the only athlete representing Ghana in the 2018 Olympics, said in an interview with NBC, “My former sprint coach Sammy Monsels talks about the analogy of a rabbit in a cage, ready to escape from a lion. I am that rabbit, and I have escaped the lions [of my past]. I am no longer being eaten by all the things around my life.” His helmet gives off the impression of being in the jaws of a lion.

Other sports saw athletes compete in creativity as well. The Kazakhstan speed skating team turned into a robin’s-egg-blue blur as they flew around the rink in their eye-catching outfits, while Norway’s curling team all wore pink heart-patterned pants on Valentine’s Day. American figure skater Adam Rippon struck viewers with his lightning-inspired suit and a thunderous performance that earned him bronze. The outfits at the Games certainly made the Olympics something to remember.

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