Mission Impossible: Fallout | Trailer Review

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The Mission Impossible franchise is releasing its sixth movie, titled  Fallout. The recently released trailer is, unsurprisingly, packed with all the makings of an MI film—violence, love, drama, and betrayal.

The trailer opens with a bird’s eye view of Paris at dusk as a piano with an alluring and haunting tune plays quietly in the background. A voice whispers as the avant-garde scenes flash back to Ethan Hunt’s (Tom Cruise) previous mission in Rogue Nation.

“The end you’ve always feared is coming, and the blood will be on your hands,” the voice said. “The fallout of all your good intentions.”

Fallout is a fitting title for yet another unimpressive MI film. With a title like Fallout, it doesn’t seem like director Christopher McQuarrie has much confidence that this movie will be a sellout.

Viewers  can see that yet another MI film is filled with overused action. It’s best to save that movie money on a worthwhile film rather than be disappointed at another Mission Impossible movie.

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