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Car Seat Headrest | Twin Fantasy (Face-to-Face) | Album Review

Record Label: Matador Records
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Photo courtesy of: Bandcamp

Coming back with a re-release of their album Twin Fantasy—originally released in 2011—Car Seat Headrest creates a striking remake of the album, dubbed Twin Fantasy (Face-to-Face), with a little something extra. Twin Fantasy (Face-to-Face) is an indie rock lover’s dream, and vocalist Will Toledo’s original charm is showcased in all of its glory.

At the tip of the iceberg is “My Boy,” which has a soulful bassline, steady drum beat, and smooth vocals from Toledo which are a perfect blend of low and raspy. Paired with melancholy harmonies, the song switches its dynamics at the chorus to a 70s rock classic that carries a more upbeat and faster-paced electric guitars and synths.

The highlight of the album is “Nervous Young Inhumans,” which offers a magnetic emphasis on the electric guitar. The song is fast-paced, upbeat, and powerful before it abruptly transitions to a steady lo-fi track.

“Famous Prophets” ends this album and is a track that clocks in at a whopping 10 minutes. Muddied vocals and a low bass create a throwback to an early 2000s, emo-style intro that kicks up at the chorus with engaging electric guitar chords. The song rolls at a leisurely slow pace but keeps its audience intrigued with its transitions from indie rock to grunge.

Twin Fantasy (Face-to-Face) is a modern and commendable reinvention of its predecessor. With a more refined sound, Toledo shows his audience that he has grown tremendously.

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