Tommy Genesis | Lucky | Single Review

Record Label: Downtown Records
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Photo courtesy of Tommy Genesis

Tommy Genesis isn’t the cliche female rapper. The self-proclaimed “fetish rapper” sings with a voice that is rough and impassioned. Her verses are as perverted as they are infectious, and her production can be described as foreboding. But in her new single “Lucky,” from her forthcoming album Genesis, the singer turns her indignant energy and dark beats into a smooth pop-and reggae-based croon. For fans of Genesis’ past work, the disparity is glaring, even shocking; it is the difference between night and day. Surprisingly, this switch from sinister trap beats to beachy 808s is not at all disappointing.

In “Lucky,” the fearless womanizer that appeared in her last single, “Tommy,” is now coy and demure. Despite the fact that the lyrics aren’t as astute and lack the combative, blatant confidence heard in past songs, a glimmer of the old but bold Genesis shines through, as the repetition of  “I’m so lucky” in her sanguine voice echoes in each verse which functions as the crux of the single.

Her previously obscured vocal talent is made evident in this uncharacteristically peppy track. Where gruff, animal-like growls once persisted, a playful songbird has been placed there instead. The buoyant and drastically tamed track lures its listeners in within the first second with an offbeat rhythm paired hopelessly well with 808-supported up-beats.

“Lucky” acts as the antithesis to all that Genesis once was. Even her appearance drastically changed to accompany the single’s release. Her once unruly bleached hair is straightened to be obnoxiously perfect, and her baggy oversized tees have been swapped with an ultra-feminine floral top. But Genesis has never been easy to confine to a singular genre or style—she blurs boundaries, which is easily the most decisive and influential component to her music.

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