Ice Castles stand tall in Dillon

Fairy Tales brought to life
Photo: Sarai Nissan · CU Denver Sentry

Castles have been a fixture in history, storytelling, folklore, and fantasy;  society can’t help but be fascinated by their prestige and what perhaps once dwelled in these reliquaries. The fusion of history and fantasy has come together this winter with the six ice castles that have been built across the US and become an increasingly popular tourist attraction.

The ice castles are a Utah-based endeavour, dubbing themselves as an entertainment company that specializes in large-scale ice sculptures and events.

The ice castles are built using only icicles that can span an acre, and weigh more than 25 million pounds. The crew and creators of the ice castles harvest around 10,000 icicles everyday to create these frozen fortresses.

Photo: Sarai Nissan · CU Denver Sentry

Colorado is home to its very own ice castle in the small town of Dillon. Hundreds of locals and visitors are flocking to the small town in an effort to see the compelling attraction.

Every year, in every location, all of the ice castles are unique in their own way. With the help of Mother Nature, every ice castle is never quite the same as the one before it.

Photo: Sarai Nissan · CU Denver Sentry

The ice castles twinkle with the gleam of the sun and glow under the moon; these visions are something straight from fairy tales.

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