Camila Cabello | Camila | Album Review

Record Label: Syco Music
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Photo courtesy of ATRL

Camila Cabello, a former member of the popular girl group Fifth Harmony, has debuted her solo album with the self-titled release Camila. The album, released on Jan. 12, is a mix of American pop music with Camila’s own Cuban and Mexican roots.

The album includes the smash hit “Havana,” featuring Young Thug. Cabello sings about a longing for Cuba’s capital city—the song’s namesake—and the track even made it onto President Barack Obama’s list of  favorite songs of 2017. These diverse cultural influences are a fixture in other songs like “She Loves Control” and “Inside Out,” which boast a medley of upbeat percussions beneath Cabello’s amorous, bilingual lyrics.

“Real Friends” and “In The Dark” both relate to the months immediately following Cabello’s departure from Fifth Harmony. These songs expose a much more serious side to her songwriting, which she expressed she never felt allowed to do when a part of the group.

“Consequences,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” and “All These Years,” showcase Cabello’s soft but beautifully moving voice over simplistic yet complementing pianos and guitars, as she laments about failed relationships and the longing to return to simpler times.

Cabello is telling her side of the Fifth Harmony split and her experiences in pop music, which she has done before with previous singles; however, Camila is set apart from these efforts thanks to its blend of cultural influences and raw, emotionally sophisticated songs.

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