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Like most edgy weird art kids, I’ve never felt like I belonged anywhere. Then, through a series of fortunate events, I found myself in the military. Then, through an extensive series of unfortunate events, I was found having to get out due to lame medical reasons revolving around depression. When I got out, even with an immensely supportive family, I felt even more alone.

I came to Denver lost and not really sure what to do with my life. I didn’t realize what the G.I. Bill could actually do for someone and had no real knowledge of the benefits and help I had to so readily available because of my military service. The VMSS Office helped me understand the opportunities I had earned, and out of nowhere asked me if I’d like to do web management for them. They didn’t mind I didn’t have any experience with anything web-related in my major yet.

Then, over the course of the most terrible year on record for me, the VMSS took me under their eagle-esque wings and showed me what being a part of a community feels like (regardless of background, medical disorders, etc.) When I was struggling to find a roommate, my friends from the office scoured their contacts asking everyone they knew. A friend (who has become one of my best friends now) helped me find probably the best roommate I’ve ever had. Without the connections I made in the office, I have no idea where I’d be.

I’ve had a few huge issues with my own finances and finding funds for tools for proceeding in my major and every single time they’ve found a way to help me pull through.

This office has helped me when I’ve fallen down financially twice, given me an amazing group of friends, and allowed me to gain even more professional experience for the job market. I’ll never forget what the VMSS has done for me and my future.

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