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The Voidz | QYURRYUS | Single Review

Record label: Cult Records

Photo courtesy of Stereogum

The Voidz have released their latest single titled, “QYURRYUS.” As a follow-up to “Leave It To My Dreams,” the band prepares for the forthcoming release of their sophomore album Virtue. Clocking in at just under two minutes, “QYURRYUS” is an experimental track. It begins with a light and bright synth-pop sound before morphing into a noisy industrial electronica hybrid. The chorus, however, is the most dramatic aspect of the song altogether. After the electric guitar emits a cyber-Arabic sound it suddenly transforms into 70s disco pop. Additionally, Julian Casablancas’ mumbled, auto-tuned vocals induces a synth-ridden euphoria while also creating an allure and mystery reminiscent to Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash,” as Casablanca sings, “I lost what’s mine odd creatures walking tall /  I lost what’s mine I did the London eye.” With a slight change of key in the guitar, the song turns cult-esque in the end as all the members chant, “I lost what’s mine.” Overall, “QYURRYUS” is experimental and an odd piece of music in all of its queasy glory.

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