New Young Pony Club | The Optimist | Vinyl Review

Record Label: The Numbers Records
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Photo courtesy of: Pitchfork

From the indie English band known for their quirky, upbeat, and sometimes sexual repertoire, New Young Pony Club’s sophomore album from 2010,  The Optimist, was not as widely established as their first. Caliginous and brokenhearted themes are explored in depth in the thrumming interweaved with spectral synth melodies. All this, while carefully framed within the silky haunting vocals of Tahita Bulmer, ever enhanced with the grain that can only be found on vinyl.

A low-pitched bass palpitation opens the album up into “Lost a Girl,” a synth-infused, gloomy pop song teeming with articulate remarks of lost love. The songs fade effortlessly into the next, each just as brightly sullen, yet prepossessing, as the last. Although, these transitions sound smoother on vinyl.

A final wave of internal acceptance for a failed romance reverberates through the very last song of the album in “Architect of Love.” The bassline continues to glissade into the darkness, hand-in-hand with a lonely guitar melody; it ends slowly with the remote sounds of power-tools in use, as if trying to construct a building that was never meant to be.

Beauty and truth can be found in the heartbreak of another’s words. The majority of this album serves as such through the dissection of a relationship’s demise. May the pivoting basslines and spine-chilling poetry of The Optimist forever be a doleful epitaph for the reality laid bare by NYPC, from start to finish.

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