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Ty Segall | Freedom’s Goblin | Album Review

Record Label: Drag City Records
Rating: Five out of five stars

Photo courtesy of Bandcamp

Freedom’s Goblin, Ty Segall’s newest album, comes from the cult garage rocker whose influence stems from rock music legends like Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper. The album is a scatterbrained, experimental collection that certainly pushes the boundaries of how much a musician can shove into 19 songs. Ty Segall has released 20 albums and over 30 singles and EPs, making him an experienced rocker.

The album starts off with “Fanny Dog,” a head-banging ode to Segall’s own canine. Bringing the energy without hesitation, this song is upbeat and catchy. Following the raucous track is “Rain.” This track is reminiscent of greats like Radiohead and Tool with the song’s strong percussion presence and scratchy guitar.

A cover of Hot Chocolate’s “Every 1’s a Winner” also appears on the album. With its heavy and deep guitar amplifying through one’s cranium, the song surely does its job of serenading the listener. 

Listening to “Despoiler of Cadaver,” Segall’s vocals  are evocative of the deep, gravelly singing style used in Marilyn Manson’s own music.

The next three songs on the album progress from utilizing an acoustic-backed sound to full-on fast-paced rock. Throughout the duration of the album it does not falter in maintaining the listener’s interest.

From surprise hooks and choruses to jazzy synth-based instrumentals, this album has something for everyone. Freedom’s Goblin is an outside-of-the-box album—the sort of hair-raising, roller-coaster record that you could imagine a contented Kurt Cobain writing.

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