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BØrns | Blue Madonna | Album Review

Label: Interscope Records
Rating: Five out of Five stars

On Jan. 12, Garrett BØrns released his sophomore album, Blue Madonna, following his critically acclaimed 2015 debut album, Dopamine.

Following where Dopamine left off, BØrns continues to explore the allures of life through songs that talk about lust, love, morality, vulnerability, and spirituality. While maintaining his eclectic, restless nature, BØrns has reinvented what it means to be brilliantly androgynous with his ravishing fashion choices and vocal style.

The album starts off with a song called “God Save Our Young Blood,” featuring indie-pop artist Lana Del Rey. Like a vaguely recognizable tune, the ear adjusts and familiarizes itself to this dreamy, ethereal track.  By combining Del Rey’s low, deep vocals and BØrns’ high fever pitch, this song becomes enigmatic, as it’s difficult to interpret whether it’s going to be an upbeat, pop tune  or a slow, melancholic melody.

The message that begins with this first track is heard throughout the album: in a traditional sense, love and passion may not be religious, but they are full of devotion.

“Faded Heart,” on the other hand, reminds listeners of BØrns’ initial charm. BØrns sings in his signature falsetto while heavy synths and a rapid tempo fill the track with vibrancy. Blue Madonna represents a step toward a more complex and refined sound for BØrns. While keeping up a central theme and aesthetic, there are no missteps with this album, and the vocals, production, and songwriting all portray BØrns as a master of his craft.

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