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Amazon wins best Super Bowl commercial

Creative concept and cameos from celebrities

Everyone knows the highlight of the Super Bowl is the commercials. That’s why each year, advertising agencies spend big bucks to make the most memorable ad they know millions of viewers will be watching. Usually, this results in hilarious or heart-wrenching commercial breaks, and this year did not disappoint. There were a lot of compelling contenders to take the number one spot for best Super Bowl ad, but hands down the winner of Super Bowl LII goes to Amazon Echo.

Since Amazon Echo was created, it has worked to make people’s lives more convenient. With a quick, “Alexa can you play ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince,” Alexa will go to Amazon’s music database, YouTube, or Spotify and play it. People love asking Alexa ridiculous questions and receiving ridiculous answers in response, but what if Alexa lost her voice? This is the wild hypothetical situation this hilarious commercial aims to answer.

With cameos from Anthony Hopkins, Cardi B, Gordon Ramsay, and even Rebel Wilson, Amazon figured, why not use celebrities to fill in for Alexa? Each scene in the commercial cuts to someone asking Alexa to perform a task and a celebrity attempting to perform said task instead. But the customers end up getting some interesting results. Gordon Ramsay fills in the best part of the 90-second ad when someone asks Alexa how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. In response, an annoyed Gordon Ramsay barks back, “Pathetic! You’re 32 years of age and you don’t know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich?! Its name is in the recipe! You (obscenity)!” Classic Gordon. This pays homage to Ramsay’s most iconic insult, when he berates a woman and calls her an idiot sandwich. 

Overall, Amazon takes the cake for best commercial and took a hilarious and inventive approach to the saying, “technology has a mind of its own.”

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