Things to know before adopting a sphynx

Photo: Sarai Nissan

Photo: Sarai Nissan
The cat breed is more complicated than it appears

Sphynx cats are a strange breed.  They are alien-esque and adorable at the same time, they have big beautiful eyes, supermodel cheekbones, and velvet-like skin. But in the past few years, the sphynx breed has become dolefully trendy. Instagram is filled with stylish girls and makeup gurus who have this precious breed, so it isn’t hard to see where the sphynx popularity has come from.

Contrary to popular belief, sphynxes are an extremely high-maintenance breed; they are by no means an animal that should be wanted or bought because they “look cool.” Sphynx cats are an amazing breed, they are incredibly loving, want nothing more than to cuddle with their owners, but also require regular grooming and specialized diets, which are commitments that many people cannot make. Unlike regular cats, sphynx cats have no fur to protect or to absorb the oils from their skin, so they need to be bathed at least once a week. Even after being bathed, sphynx cats are prone to leaving stains on furniture, sheets, or towels of lighter colors due to the oil. Their ears also have to be regularly cleaned since they have no hair to filter the dirt and debris that can collect there.

Again, due to the fact that they have no hair, sphynx cats must be in a home that is warm at all times, so expect a high heating bill, a closet full of cat clothes, or buying an electric blanket or cat bed for this breed.

Aside from maintenance, sphynx cats are incredibly loving and friendly; consequently, this breed does not like to be alone and desperately needs attention. They can even become depressed. The best sphynx owners will have no problem with spending a night or a day off with their sphynx or even getting another sphynx so that the time that they do spend alone is more bearable.

Owning a sphynx cat is very similar to owning a baby. They have no hair, are not designed to take care of or clean themselves, and have special needs to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

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