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Daily Archives: January 31, 2018

The Shins | A Worm’s Heart | Album Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Record Label: Columbia Records In 2017, The Shins released their album Heartworms with a master plan. Since its release, frontman James Mercer had the desire—thanks to his wife’s suggestion over breakfast—to create a “flipped” version of the album. On

Kimbra “Human” | Album Preview

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Record Label: Warner Brothers Records Kimbra goes deeper and darker in her upcoming album, Primal Heart, with a single called “Human.” Originally scheduled for release on Jan. 19, the date has since been pushed back; however, Kimbra did not

Pencil Shavings

The instructor greets me as I walk into my quilting class. I introduce myself, she smiles and shows me a sewing machine to sit at. A minute later, my partner Hunter walks into the class and introduces himself. The instructor stares at him, a 6-foot-tall

Auraria Student Lofts raises prices of internet

Students weary of slow speeds Recently, the Auraria Student Lofts raised its internet prices. Because of this increase, many students living there are expressing concerns to managing staff. The Auraria Student Lofts’ internet was free until the Nelson Brothers, which is the new wifi management,

Should students add a minor to their degrees?

Minors matter by Amanda Blackman While at college, more students should pursue minors in addition to their major. Minors, while costing marginally more, allow for students to increase their chances for employment after graduation, as well as an opportunity to study a passion. Having any

Sexual assault should not be a punchline

Comments at the Golden Globes were harmful Hollywood was shaken in late 2017 with the outpouring of sexual harassment allegations against some of the most popular and powerful men in the entertainment industry. Men lost their careers, families were torn apart, and victims were forced

Women’s March moves in new direction

Organizers focus on diversity Last year, over 100,000 demonstrators bottlenecked the streets surrounding Civic Center Park to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The Women’s March was a mobilization of anger, a response to an election that many protesters believed would compromise the United

Stranger Than Fiction

  Last week, after going over my most recent column about what the purpose of American government should be with a close associate of mine, I decided to make an attempt at answering this question. At the end of that column, I stated that, “philosophy

I, Tonya mostly gets the gold

Oscar piece is unbalanced, but gripping I, Tonya tells the true story of figure skater Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) leading up to the 1994 Olympics. The film recounts the brutal attack of rival figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, an attempt to remove her from the competition.