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Kimbra “Human” | Album Preview

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Record Label: Warner Brothers Records

Photo courtesy of Genius

Kimbra goes deeper and darker in her upcoming album, Primal Heart, with a single called “Human.” Originally scheduled for release on Jan. 19, the date has since been pushed back; however, Kimbra did not leave listeners empty-handed, and instead uploaded an official music video a day before the album was supposed to be released.

Kimbra’s voice breaks the industrial beat and undulating droning of the song, creating a dark but reflective tone when combined with her vocals. Her raspy voice gives the piece an uncharacteristic lilt that seems out of place in the song, compared with the heavy instrumentation and the light impact of her voice. Although there is weight to her vocals, such as in the bridge where she chants, “This is what it means to be human,” Kimbra’s vocals overall are unfortunately understated.

    Kimbra’s vocals are layered on top of each other to create an attempted harmony, while the pairing with industrial beats and the clashing, reverberating drums intensify the cacophonous sound of the song.

The beauty of Kimbra’s ethereal vocal style  is drowned by raucous instrumentals, which intensifies the message about “the duality of being human,” that Kimbra conveys. The softness of Kimbra’s vocals create a parallel between the personality and emotions of an individual, while the industrial beats create the outward impression that conveys the duality of the harsh and delicate elements of humanity.

With “Human” as the only new sample of her upcoming album, listeners will definitely be waiting for more music to elaborate on Kimbra’s latest artistry.

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