SZA & Kendrick Lamar | All The Stars | Single Review

Label: Top Dawg Records

There are two musicians’ names on everyone’s minds: Kendrick Lamar and SZA. In their latest single, which came together in the form of a high-profile collaboration, and straight from the highly anticipated Black Panther film, these two artists prove exactly why they are at the peak of their careers. “All the Stars” features equal parts of Lamar and SZA, satiating any fan who is partial to one of the duo, and adds to their already impressive and flawless discography. The single plays with a buoyant yet contemplative melody, which sounds like an homage to the rising returns 1980s trends, by featuring esoteric video game sounds and droning synths alongside lulling violins. SZA’s youthful voice, paired with Lamar’s soothing cadence, will make listeners hungry for more—and thankfully the latter dominates Black Panthers complete soundtrack.

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