Lizzy Farrall | All I Said Was Never Heard | Album Review

Label: Pure Noise
Rating (out of 5 stars): 3

Lizzy Farrall is the next up-and-coming Brit to invade US airwaves. A new artist signed to Pure Noise Records as of April of last year, Farrall is a young singer-songwriter with an emotionally strained point of view. Her pitch sounds a bit like Bjork, but the grinding indie rock keeps her music grounded and fresh. Think of her work as if London Grammar and Alanis Morissette had been whirled up in a blender together—that’s Lizzy Farrall.

The five songs on her new EP, All I Said Was Never Heard, ruminate on the pain surrounding breakups;  whether young or old, anyone can relate to its themes. The track “Broken Toy” sounds like a soul haunted by the past and feels like a sucker punch. The tune wrenches its listeners with pain because the person is now wrapped up in someone else.

Two other stand-out tracks are “Better With” and “Better Off,” which provide a look at two sides of relationships—either deciding to stay with someone or get the hell out of dodge. Farrall’s edgy tone gives the poetic lyrics even more substance. “The lyrics are about finding someone who completely takes you out of a rut you’ve been stuck in,” Farrall said. “But also, you have a fear that the feelings you have are not mutual due to similar situations in past relationships, which have left you with a lack of trust.”

Listeners can expect to get a dose of relationship catharsis from this excellent debut by Farrall.

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