Worst parking lot on campus

Photo courtesy of: Bobby Jones • CU Denver Sentry


Photo courtesy of: Bobby Jones • CU Denver Sentry

“You get what you pay for” is an especially applicable statement when it comes to the LAZ parking lot located near the Campus Village student housing complex. Costing $3 to park for the day, the LAZ parking lot serves to be the cheapest and quite frankly the worst parking lot on campus.

For most parking lots on campus, paying for all-day parking does, in fact, mean all day. For the LAZ parking lot, all day expires as early as 8 p.m. sharp. God forbid a car is parked in the lot five minutes after the lot closes; one can certainly expect to get a ticket. Regardless if one has never received a ticket in this parking lot before, the fine for leaving the car in the lot past hours will be, minimum, $75. Good luck trying to dispute the ticket—the private parking has strict enforcements and barely budge, no matter how good the excuse is.

All-day parking is also very circumstantial when it comes to this particular lot. If there is an event occurring in downtown, the lot closes earlier. Cars parked in the lot are obligated to leave much earlier in the day, even though the three dollar charge was paid to park for the entire time.

The LAZ parking lot is one of the furthest parking lots compared to all other parking areas on campus. Students have to plan accordingly and leave a sufficient amount of time for both finding parking and having enough time to walk to campus after parking in this lot. The parking lot is relatively small; if a student comes to campus after eight or before eleven in the morning, the chances of finding a spot to park in is slim to none. If a spot is found, it’s usually deep in the parking lot, which adds the walking distance to get to campus. This parking lot is definitely not the lot a student would opt to park in if they are running late.

Although LAZ parking lot is the cheapest parking lot on cam- pus, it certainly is the worst one. With plenty of other inexpensive parking garages to choose from, the LAZ parking lot is not worthy of parking in.

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