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Every once in a while, a song will take over the radio, Spotify, and Youtube and become the biggest new hit. This year, that track was “Slide” by Calvin Harris, featuring Frank Ocean and Migos.

The single, released in February in anticipation of Harris’ Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 album, has been played an abundance of times by fans of Ocean and Harris alike. It has been on top 10 charts in 12 countries and was the most-streamed song on Spotify in August.

As positive as the reviews have been, debate about the meaning behind the song has caused quite a stir among fans. But that didn’t stop Ocean from stealing the show.

Ocean, who penned the lyrics, is known for dealing with themes of love, sex, and nostalgia.

Fans speculated that the track was about “sliding” into the rich and famous lifestyle: “I might / Empty my bank account / And boy, that boy with a pipe,” which are the introducing lines, refers to the famous painting “A Boy with a Pipe” by renowned artist Pablo Picasso.

While many questioned what the song could be about, Ocean verified with Genius, which has the biggest collection of song lyrics, what his cryptic lyrics are referring to.

‘Slide’ is slang for consistently engaging in, and relishing, sexual acts without strings attached,” Ocean said. By exploring the idea of sexual deviancy, Ocean questions why someone would take part in meaningless sex.

The three artists compliment each other well. Harris, well-known for his sultry tunes, brings his trademark swagger with hand clap beats, high-pitched vocals, and catchy piano melodies. Harris has the capability of bringing in snippets of different genres into his music. “Slide,” for example, melts a bit of funk, R&B, and hip hop together with pop undertones, making for a perfect tune to listen to in the club, on a car ride, or while lounging on the beach.

As a singer and songwriter, Ocean shares his experiences and stories without explicitly defining himself, while refusing to identify his sexuality. One thing his fans know for sure, as evident from “Slide,” is that he is an incredibly talented artist who is experienced in both the art and form.

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