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Yung Lean | Stranger: Album Review

Artist: Yung Lean
Album: Stranger
Release Date: Nov. 10th

Yung Lean is the 21-year-old rapper from Stockholm that gained attention at the age of 16 for his hypnotic, monolithic, and space-age-infused music. He cultivated the internet movement known as the “sadboys” and has released his third album, titled Stranger.

Continuing the hip hop trend of melodic and heavy nihilistic songs, the first single, “Red Bottom Sky,” forgoes all rapping and brings in dissonant vocals over a slow-paced synth and ambient instrumental.  Lean’s raw emotion comes through in the line, “I lived a thousand lives / but I’m still searching / Paint a picture like Van Gogh / I’m cursed man,” Which detail Lean’s past experience and tribulations but is still determined to find his purpose. It’s followed by “Skrrt Skrrt to the moon / bitch I’m swervin’.” This shows Lean’s unknowing way to balance both raw emotions and rap-like attitude but shows his vulnerability and progress as an artist.

The majority of the album consists of ambient, slow, and synth tone instrumentals, glazed with melancholic lyrics which fade into reflections on mental health, love, and having confidence. Unfortunately, there are also some skippable songs like “Silver Arrows” and “Push / Lost Weekend,” that have unmemorable lines and forgettable instrumentals and sound like bootleg copies of other songs on the album.

With Stranger, Yung Lean could have experimented more with different sounds and be more adventurous to close out 2017. While there are a couple good songs, there was much more left to be desired.

Rate: 3/5 Stars

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