Inventing Room makes triumphant return


After being forced out of its first lease on Lawrence Street, The Inventing Room has reopened in a bigger and better location in the West Highlands area. It is the ultimate snack spot for all ages.

The Inventing Room sells a variety of snacks, desserts, and drinks that can satisfy just about anyone’s sweet tooth. Cheetos Puffs, crème brulee, apple pie, all sorts of indulgences are sold, but they are all made with a cool twist: almost everything is frozen with liquid nitrogen.

No matter what’s ordered off the menu, customers can watch how their snack  gets made from start to finish. The customer gets an interactive and engaging experience as the workers provide an entertaining science lesson, explaining exactly what they are doing and how everything is made.

A popular item is the “Really, Really Cold Cheetos.” Cheetos lovers will praise  the inventiveness of this snack. The Cheetos are frozen with liquid nitrogen, giving the illusion that smoke is blown out with every bite. Though the taste of the Cheetos is exactly the same, eating them frozen is a unique experience—if eaten too fast, they can cause a brain freeze, but if eaten too slowly, they can become soggy.

For Harry Potter enthusiasts, the Inventing Room brings every fan’s dream to life with their very own spin on the series’ famous drink with the  Butterbeer Float. Using liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze ingredients that are put in the float, the Butterbeer feels like it has been made with real magic.

It is amazing what boredom at work can inspire. Founder Ian Kleinman worked  at a restaurant that used liquid nitrogen in their cocktails. Kleinman decided to experiment around at work and see what else he could do with liquid nitrogen. After networking at a food festival in Dubai, his idea sparked interest in a few people who invested in his idea, expanding the business not only locally but internationally as well.

Aside from snacks and sweets, the Inventing Room offers full-service catering. The food catering is also designed to provide entertainment using liquid nitrogen while still providing amazing treats that everyone will enjoy. The Inventing Room caters to weddings, birthday parties, private parties, or any other event.

Re-opening in a larger location meant more room for more décor. Every piece of décor in The Inventing Room is handmade by Kleinman himself. Some of the materials used in the pieces were  taken from his grandfather’s farm. From the intricate and meaningful interior design  to the cool food and desserts, everything about Kleinman’s business is unique, original, and a definite must-try.

The Inventing Room: 4433 W. 29th Avenue, Unit 101 Denver, CO 80212

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