Anti-Trump rally centers on absurdist approach


There was a very strange yet intriguing event that took place at Cheesman Park in Denver on Nov. 8. Hundreds of people gathered to scream at the sky. Literally, scream at the top of their lungs at the night sky. It was organized to be a lighthearted event, with the comical effect of screaming at the sky to express concerns regarding a deeper issue.

There was live music, candy being handed out, and a fair smattering of people from the community around the park to create this successful protest. The event started at 7 p.m., and as time began to pass, the masses gathered. There were citizens of many backgrounds, gathering under the stars on the anniversary of last year’s election to express their disdain for this new presidential administration.

“We’re glad that the community has come together in a safe and peaceful manner to express the hopelessness,” said Annie Green, Development and Grants Manager at Denver Inner City Parish, a nonprofit organization aimed at empowering those in need,” said Green. “Community is important in overcoming obstacles. We’re now in this city, and it’s very important to have agencies like the Denver Inner City Parish to help people not fall through the cracks.”

According to a Facebook group created for the event, around 900 people had confirmed that they would be attending the protest, but as the event grew closer it became apparent that this number was not going to be reached. Approximately 300 people attended the protest. “I would say it’s not quite the turnout I was thinking it was going to be,” said Antonio Robinson, a protester at the event. “But, it’s a nice little turnout. We’ve got some cars driving by honking their horns for the event, some good music, it’s overall pretty nice.”

The fewer numbers didn’t hinder the event’s passion in any way; the minute the clock hit 7 p.m., the screams of angry Americans filled the air. One man had a loudspeaker hooked up, and was ranting about this administration’s bad policies on health care, sexual assault, and everything else he felt was wrong with the way his country is being run. It was a sight to see. The crowd was chanting back their views. A chant eventually started, “Fuck Donald Trump! Fuck Donald Trump!” The rally began to take a more heated turn. As the chants and yelling grew louder, the crowd’s breath fluttering out of their lungs into the chilly night air.

There were several Denver Police Department squad cars waiting for any potential violence to break out, but nothing came of the tension. That is not what this event was about. When asked what the crowd hoped to accomplish from yelling at the sky, protester Shannon O’Neill responded, “To feel better in unity with other people. I guess knowing that other people are just as unsettled about the situation [makes me feel better].” This administration has caused quite a bit of controversy, and all around the country on Nov. 8, similar protests took place to express concerns on a national level.  

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