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MØ | When I was Young: Album Review

Album: When I was Young
Release Date: Oct. 25, 2017

Danish singer ’s new EP, When I Was Young, revolves around the theme of identity and is her first multi-track release since her debut in 2014,  No Mythologies to Follow. The work surprised the singer’s fans, since she released newest EP on Oct. 26 without much warning or promotion.

“Roots,” the opening track, has the heaviest sound of all six songs. A horn section serves as the main instrumentation and continuously blares a low, melancholy sound. Here, MØ sings “Oh wish for a better day to come around / to put a gun to the thunder inside of my head,” as she laments her internal conflict over her future as an artist.

This conflict, apparent in the tonal shifts throughout the record, manifests itself in nearly every track. “Turn My Heart to Stone” and “Run Away” finish out the darker half of the work and sound similar to her pre-mainstream success, hinting that these songs embody her true artistic intentions. On the other hand,“Bb,” “Linking With You,” and the titular “When I Was Young” all showcase a more generic radio-pop sound.

Still,  When I Was Young plays as a cry for help from an artist who doesn’t know if she should stand in the spotlight of often uninspired pop hits, or if she should remain true to herself and follow the honest path of an indie singer/songwrite. When I Was Young demands a listen, even for the conversations it may inspire.

Rate: 4/5 Stars

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