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Ho99o9 | Neighborhood Watch: Single Review

Artist: Ho99o9
Single: Neighborhood Watch
Release Date: 2017

In this increasingly evolutionary period of human history, it is only natural that hip hop and hard-core punk would coincide into the form of a gritty, mutinous band that goes by Ho99o9—pronounced “horror.” Following their first full length album United States of Ho99o9 this past May, their newest single “Neighborhood Watch” delivers the band’s signature moody beats and contumacious lyrics. The assimilation of various mechanic noises, like blaring horns overlapping a repetitive piano melody, transitions from dreamy liquid synths to solid nightmarish vocals, not unlike coagulating blood. Penetrative lyrics and annihilating drops fortify the duo’s single. Though the tempo feels listless in comparison to their prior tracks that sound like a meth addict making terrific rap music, it serves as a platform to showcase their brazen but deceitfully purposeful lyrics.


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