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Wu-Tang Clan | The Saga Continues: Album Review

Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album: The Saga Continues
Release Date: Oct. 13th, 2017

Wu Tang Clan has solidified itself as one of the greatest—if not the single greatest—rap groups of all time. Their lyrics have transcended rap music and have echoed throughout the broader American cultural zeitgeist; yet their newest project, The Saga Continues, fails to live up to this status.

This legacy that follows Wu Tang causes the album to make little sense. Beginning with a repetitive, staccato piano riff and a predictable beat, “Frozen” doesn’t pack the punch that has become intrinsically associated with Wu Tang. The verses begin with an almost hilariously out of tempo insertion of a bomb dropping and exploding. Every layer of producing on this track simply seems out of place. Tracks like “Frozen” make attempts to draw from their  iconic production of past stylistic successes, but it comes off as outdated and lazy. Musically, there fails to be any real sense of resolution or even conflict for that matter.  

There are, however, glimmers of the old Wu Tang geist shimmering in all of its poetically unorthodox splendor. For example, Clan member Redman is featured predominantly in “People Say.” The track is dripping with the trying life experiences of the rapper; lines like, “Until my heart turns cold / I’m a product of the block. / We used to cook the product in the pot / add soda, turn the product into rock.” beautifully portray the trials and tribulations that the Clan built its whole opus upon.

But these saving graces do little to save the rest of the album. The Saga Continues is an unnecessary continuation of a wonderful rap legacy.

Rate: 2/5 Stars

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