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The Used | The Canyon: Album Review

Artist: The Used
Album: The Canyon
Release Date: Oct. 26th, 2017

Utah natives and alternative rock band The Used return with The Canyon, their seventh studio album, following their 2014 album Imaginary Enemy. This album pivots away from the band’s bleak first-wave emo sound and transforms into an adventurous concept album that deals with grief and loss.

The album’s first track, “For You,” has an intimate opening, a message from vocalist Bert McCracken addressing  the suicide of his childhood friend. The preface of this song revolves around the idea of mortality and immortality, and what he wishes he could say tao his dearly departed. The chords of the guitar strum softly while maintaining a slow pace. A crescendo in the last measure rises in the vocals of McCracken as he expresses his loss. McCracken’s raspy, anguished voice demonstrates the raw sorrow in the song.   

“The Mouth of the Canyon,” a subdued track that plays with harmonies with light plucks of guitar strings concludes the albums. The song incorporates blues-style guitar chords and unrelenting drum beats with elongated, high pitches of the guitar and thick bass. The end of the song transitions into an upbeat melody, with hard-rock riffs from the electric guitar and synths that back the track.

Overall, this album provides an experience. It is a bold and strong comeback for The Used, showing their audience what they are capable of. Although the 79-minute run time, coupled with the conceptual nature of the album, can make it a tedious listen, by listening to the album as a narrative in its entirety it becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Rate: 4/5 Stars

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