Kendrick Lamar | Element: Music Video Review

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Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Single: Element
Release Date: June 17th, 2017

Kendrick Lamar’s music video for his song “Element” brilliantly shifts the standard format of music videos into a symbiotic project, where in both the video and song amplify their own meaning through each other. Lamar, whose album DAMN took the summer by storm, already established a powerful foundation for German director Jonas Lindstroem to build from. By juxtaposing images of lovers embracing with ultra-violent muggings, car burnings, and children carrying Dirty Harry revolvers, Lindstroem masterfully replicates the dichotomy of existence, violence, and passion that Lamar reminisces about in his lyrics. However, the video also conceptualizes themes of racism and societal oppression through ultra high-definition, slow motion, and brief films that depict chillingly relevant images. As Lamar’s song explains his personal experience, Lindstroem depicts the everyday realities of minorities in America. As they intertwine, the cosmic effect is moving. This video serves as a beautiful testament to the way in which two different art forms can intermingle.

Watch the music video: ELEMENT.

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