The Punisher: Trailer Review

The latest Punisher trailer debuted a new main character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Gore. Ahead of the show’s Nov. 17 release, Netflix premiered its bloodiest superhero trailer yet. Frank Castle, aka the Punisher (Jon Bernthal) continues his unforgiving mission to find the government officials who successfully ordered a hit on his family.

Castle’s story was compressed and poignant when he starred as a side character in Daredevil, but in his own series, the breadth of the narrative—which appears to include a deluge of flashbacks to his time in the military, dream sequences about his dead family, and crossovers with Netflix’s other Marvel properties—runs the risk of becoming an unwieldy 13-episode run. At least they spent big money on that Metallica-driven soundtrack.

Watch the Trailer: The Punisher

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