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Serial Killers podcast lacks fluidity


Photo: Bobby Jones – CU Sentry

Serial Killers is a weekly podcast that aims to delve into the minds of various murderers throughout history. By dissecting their methods and backgrounds, one can hope to find a better understanding of why they committed the crimes they did.

Led by Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson, Killers is completely scripted and that makes the show feel less honest. Occasionally, the podcast feels more like the audio track to a History Channel show than its own organic entity. This is not to say the show should be improvisation; without a script, the telling of these complex stories would be too muddled. However, at times, the show’s script comes off as cheesy, as if the hosts are trying to sound like they are conducting an interview or conversation with each other when it is clearly written out. Witty banter shouldn’t be scripted.

Each episode is between 35 and 45 minutes long, and two episodes are dedicated to each serial killer discussed. This format is excellent, as nothing about the re-tellings ever feels rushed.

Killers also uses real audio recordings when available, generally from courtroom trials and voice actors to reenact scenes to create a strong sense of realism, giving listeners more realistic imagery.

However, this authenticity is sometimes undone thanks to cheesy, electronic background music that sounds as if it was taken from a cop show from the early 90s, but it is not so commonplace.

Serial Killers is a fascinating look into the lives and minds of the most dangerous and mysterious people in history, with a few flaws—just like its subjects.

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