Roller-skating monsters compete in championship

Photo credit: Ashley Bauler


The Rocky Mountain Roller Girls League participated in a post-season event on Oct. 28. The championship for the league was on Oct. 14; this event served as a way to celebrate the end of the season while incorporating Halloween festivities. The girls formed four teams and competed Mummies vs Werewolves and Zombies vs Vampires. Families and friends of the players packed the arena for a night filled with festive fun.

Photo credit: Ashley Bauler

The matches took place at the Foothills Fieldhouse in Lakewood. When first walking into the arena, attendees were greeted with cobwebs covering the entrance. Once inside, the smell of popcorn and soda filled the air. Music bumped in the background, and fellow event-goers were decked out in their Halloween costumes. Ghouls and ghosts lined the benches of supporters.

As the match began, the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls stepped into the arena and were dressed in their own team costumes. the Werewolves team donned furry costumes and tails, and the Mummies were wrapped in several layers of white gauze tape and had blacked-out eyes. The event referees were even sporting costumes, with many wearing sugar skull-themed makeup.

The match was filled with passion and toughness. Players on both teams gave it their all; elbows and shoulders were given out as much as Halloween candy. Some players took nasty hits to the face and some fell badly on the rink; but were picked up by their teammates. All the women exuded outstanding sportsmanship and it was clear that the women just wanted to have fun.

The announcer was quick and witty when commentating on the plays and the match as a whole. The crowd laughed and participated in the event, and the scores were unknown since they had little relevance for any of the teams. At the end of the night, the teams shook hands and went home with their families, hopeful for next year’s season starting in March.

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