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Was the JFK assassination a conspiracy?


These are the known facts: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963, slain by a bullet to the neck and a bullet to the head while driving down Dealey Plaza in Dallas in a limo with the roof down. Here are the facts generally accepted: Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated the President from the Texas School Book Depository and he was a lone gunman. This is an ignorant point of view.

It seems Americans are not as easy to fool as the government thinks; data taken from TIME magazine polls have concluded that 70 percent of Americans believe that there is, in fact, a conspiracy in play. Not to mention that multiple intelligence agency documents on the assassination have largely remained classified until August of this year; a full release of all records was not released until Oct. 26. It ultimately harkens back to the question: If there is nothing to hide, why hide at all?

There are many ostensibly “insignificant” details that have been noticed by theorists and have been used to prove that the official cause of JFK’s assassination is erroneous. One, for example, is that the path that the bullets took when ejected from Oswald’s rifle did not match up with the angle that Oswald had taken when posted on the sixth floor of a neighboring building. This theory also led to the plausible theory that there was a second gunman involved stationed on the ground of Dealey Plaza. Other theories prove that the assassination is part of a much larger government conspiracy.

Although the National Archives have stated that many of the more “controversial” case files surrounding the investigation have already been publicly released, the access to the entirety of the case’s most coveted files could breath new life into existing theories. It is plausible that these confidential files will offer a full investigation into Oswald’s activities months prior to the assassination, which would either legitimize or repudiate his involvement.

During an era of severe political tension—The Cuban Missile crisis, The Cold War, The Bay of Pigs, the wake of Watergate, and the Vietnam war—the alternative explanations for JFK’s assassination are even more plausible to accept, especially when these previously redacted and sealed records are further analyzed.


The fact that there are countless theories on the JFK assassination should be the first hint that it was not an inside job. Most of these theories are just uneducated hypotheses on the situation that people come up with after they have looked over the assassination themselves. However, it has been investigated numerous times by experts, who almost all agree. It’s time to stop wasting the government budget on these investigations and come to terms with the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy.

There were only three shots and they were all shot by Oswald. According to Texas Monthly, the first bullet missed, the second wounded both the governor and the president, and the third killed Kennedy. That’s it. Three shells that matched the fatal bullets were found in the Book Depository, which ultimately debunks the theory of a second gunman. If there was another gunman, as well as a fourth shot, it is more than likely that the bullet would have been found or would have injured a bystander. Yet none of these instances happened.

The second theory is that Oswald’s line of fire doesn’t add up to the trajectory of the shots. However, Luke Haag, a forensic scientist who specializes in ballistics, debunked that theory. Using a high-speed camera, Haag filmed a simulation of the gunshots at a specific angle and distance, as if it were coming from the sixth floor Oswald shot from. According to his experiment, the trajectory of the bullets makes sense with the president’s position.

Many theorists still think the lethal shot came from the second gunman standing on Grass Knoll. However, in NPR’s interview with Haag about his recreation of the assassination, Haag came to the conclusion that the deadly shot could not have come from grassy knoll because the ballistics don’t add up.

Today’s technology has given the public the opportunity to conduct experiments needed to dismiss all the conspiracies on JFK’s death. Despite the countless investigations and theories, the only true explanation is that Oswald was the only gunman. The official release statement declared that Oswald killed Kennedy, and this was determined through reliable scientific experimental investigations.

Photo courtesy by Hank Walker/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images.

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